Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we can cater to your requirements based on your space and budget and provide a customized countertop installation service. You can share your ideas and insights about the way you want to install the countertop and our team will provide you with your desired service.

If you want to give your property a calm, collected look and offer a feeling of serenity, go for the light and mute shades. On the contrary, you should choose vibrant shades to give your property a striking and catchy feel. Your choice for the colour palette solely depends upon how you want your home to be.

Sustainability is indeed a common concern of almost all the building owners. So, you can put aside all these concerns by keeping your plumbing connections in good condition through viable fixtures done timely. It can help the building to be sustained longer than expected.

To breathe life into your property, you can opt for kitchen remodeling. As for the company you can completely trust, Geno Does IT is one of the best sources. You may either drop an email at genosinstallation@gmail.com or drop a call at our contact number 214-598-3687 to share your queries.